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Wargaming will stream 1,000 hours of World of Tanks gameplay on Facebook Live

World of Tanks is rolling out on your newsfeed. Wargaming is partnering with Facebook to stream over 1,000 hours of video centered on its popular take on online shooters. In addition to livestreams of gameplay, this deal includes historical content, interviews with players, and coverage of esports events, such as the World of Tanks regional and […]

ProBeat: Google Allo’s web app is laughable

OPINION: Google this week launched Allo for web. Ugh, that’s not right. Let me try again. Google this week launched Allo for Chrome. Hmm, still not quite accurate. Google this week launched Allo for Chrome for Android. Gah, for the love of god, I’ve only made it worse. Google this week launched Allo for Chrome […]

Samsung TVs now let you use Shazam to discover what songs are playing in movies and TV shows

Samsung is rolling out an update to its 2017 lineup of smart TVs that will allow anyone to find out what song is playing on a TV show or movie simply by tapping a button on their screen. At CES back in January, Samsung announced that Shazam, along with a bunch of other new features, was […]

Discord shuts down Nazi accounts following Charlottesville violence

Gamer voice and chat app Discord today announced it has shut down a server for, another associated with The Daily Stormer, and removed a number of groups and accounts associated with violence that took place this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia that left one dead and 19 injured. The closure of Discord accounts hosted by […]

Forget Trump: Silicon Valley still can’t acknowledge its role in spreading hate

OPINION: President Trump today belatedly offered a direct condemnation of white supremacists and Nazis following the eruption of violence at a Charlottesville protest and subsequent murder of a counter protestor. OK, fine. But what about the tech industry? Once, there was a utopian fantasy that the platforms and systems being built on the back of […]

Internet giant Mail.Ru could play pivotal part in boosting voter turnout in Russian presidential election

The Russian government is likely to hire the services of internet giant Mail.Ru Group to boost voter turnout in next year’s presidential election, as reported by the business publication RBC this week. The authorities’ bet on such a digital strategy is likely designed to dispel concerns about a weak mandate for Russia’s next president. According […]

Instagram tests letting you add a friend to your live video

Starting today, Instagram is allowing a select group of users invite a friend to join an Instagram live video broadcast. To add a person to an Instagram live video, check to see if you have a new icon in the bottom right hand corner while you are livestreaming. Just like other Instagram live video, friends […]

Has Facebook become the game developer’s best friend?

Gaming is better with friends. And gaming is important at Facebook. Those are the takeaways that Brian Boland, vice president of publisher solutions at Facebook, wanted to give to game developers at the Casual Connect event in Seattle last week. While Facebook’s audience is much broader than games, but it is in touch with a […]

Yelp’s stock surges 27% amid signs of a sharper focus

Yelp’s 5 years as a public company have not always been fun. Founded almost 13 years ago, the social review site hit a low point in May 2015 with rumors that it was seeking a buyer as growth sputtered. Despite being a Web 2.0 pioneer, it has only occasionally managed to post quarterly profits. It’s seen […]

AR/VR Weekly: RIP, Altspace

Social virtual reality — online spaces where you can interact with others using VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear — is at the forefront of innovation in this growing but still young sector. But one of the most important companies working in this space is shutting down even as we’re […]