The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!$#÷x – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfish The perfect blog post length or publishing frequency doesn’t actually exist. “Perfect” isn’t universal — your content’s success depends on tons of personalized factors. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains why the idea of “perfect” is baloney when it comes to your blog, and lists what you should actually be looking for […]

Bored with Your Blog? These 10 Tips Will Make You Fall in Love Again

Content marketing is a long game. In one way, that’s excellent — because all of your lazy or undisciplined competitors are going to drop out. In another way, it sucks, because we all have days when we’re lazy and undisciplined. In the early days, we can get by on adrenaline and enthusiasm. But as the […]

Are you a content hoarder? Maybe it’s time for a blog cleanup

Columnist Sherry Bonelli outlines why improving and optimizing your outdated blog posts may be a better strategy than endlessly pushing out new content. The post Are you a content hoarder? Maybe it’s time for a blog cleanup appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. Search Engine Land: […]

201: The Secret to Building a Blog with Big Traffic and Profit

How to Build Traffic and Profit into Your Blog On today’s episode I want to talk about a key to creating a blog with lots of traffic and profit.   The topic comes from a conversation I had this morning with a new blogger who was asking me about how to create content that would […]

11 Tips for Pairing Images With Blog Posts

What you say in images matters more than you might think – here are some tips on how to pick the best images to pair with your written content. Social Media Today RSS

How to Convert Blog Posts into Engaging Videos for Social Media

This new tools enables you to convert text-based blog posts into video, which can help generate more engagement on social. Social Media Today RSS

Five Mantras That Can Lead to More Leads From Your Blog [Infographic]

Is your blog working as hard as it should? Check out these five tips for generating more engagement and leads from your blog. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Groups to Benefit Your Blog

When you think of using Facebook for your blog, what comes to mind? Declining organic reach? Pay to play? Sharing endless memes just to get engagement? Posting your latest blog post only to hear crickets? But hang on, didn’t all the conversation move from our blog comments to Facebook? Well, yes, that’s where a lot […]

When and Where Bloggers Blog

Most bloggers write their posts during business hours and do their blogging from home, according to research from Orbit Media Studios. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

How to Take a Break from Your Blog

Do you ever feel like you need to take a break from your blog but you feel like you’ve created a monster that just needs to keep being fed and fear that stepping away from the blog could mark the beginning of the end for it? If so – you’re not alone. We all need […]