Digital Marketing News: State of Content, Direct Ads on Twitter & Google Attribution

Content Marketing Stats: The State of Content Marketing in 2017 [Infographic] This infographic from our friends at MarketingProfs uncovers top content trends for B2B and B2C marketers in 2017. You’ll find insights on everything from top channels to budgeting and content goals.  (MarketingProfs) Twitter is Offering Advertisers More Tools to Engage Consumers With Direct Messages […]

At IAB Programmatic Symposium, digital advertising looks to grow up

The industry organization promotes the new name of ‘automation,’ a new framework and a new urgency as brands proclaim: ‘Enough is enough.’ Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

Facebook Releases New Report into Digital Transformation in the Auto Industry [Infographic]

Facebook has released a new report which looks at how digital platforms are changing the car buying process.  Social Media Today RSS

Digital Marketing News: Mobile Marketing Facts, Augmented Reality on Snapchat and More Google Updates

104 Facts You Didn’t Know About #Mobile #Marketing (Infographic) There’s a lot to know about mobile marketing. To help keep fellow marketers up to speed, this infographic shares 104 facts about mobile marketing including usage, commerce, advertising and email. Case in point: mobile marketing is a key player in all marketing strategies. Snapchat Releases […]

Facebook fined for violating French digital privacy regulations

In a sign of the ongoing tension between European privacy officials and Facebook, the social network was today fined 6,000 in France over changes to its terms and conditions that were announced in 2014. The fine is modest for a company of Facebook’s size. But France’s Commission Nationale de l’informatique, or CNIL, noted that France is […]

Digital Marketing News: Generational Social Media, QR Code Comeback and Bing’s Chatbots

Social Media Use by Generation [Infographic] Preferences vary by generation – this certainly isn’t a well kept secret in the marketing world. So how do you create a message, and choose a medium, that will resonate with your target audience? This infographic shares some ideas. MarketingProfs Pinterest’s object-recognizing Lens feature now scans QR codes, too QR […]

How Small Digital Publishers Can Grow Their Network and Save Time

Posted by lydiagilbertson Being a small or startup publishing company is hard. The digital advertising industry is broken. Larger companies like Vox and Buzzfeed are some of the only online publications that can hope to monetize their content effectively. Smaller niche publications often have an even harder time attracting return visitors or getting people outside […]

Digital Marketing News: Power of Brand Affinity, Digital Ad Revenue Beats TV & Instagram Influencers

Consumers Connecting with Companies and the Power of Brand Affinity [Infographic] A new infographic reveals the top reasons why consumers feel connectied with brands and the results are telling. Affinity comes when consumers feel that a brand cares about people like themselves, and when the company is run by people like themselves. Social Media Today […]

Digital Marketing News: 15 Reasons for Brand Advocacy, Email Priorities and Google TV Ads

15 Reasons Why Brand Advocacy is the Bedrock of Your Business [Infographic] Although brand advocates are important for brand marketing – with referrals, user generated content, and positive online reviews being just a few of the benefits of brand advocacy, this infographic shows over 80% of companies are not using advocates in their marketing strategy, […]

iSpot launches TV conversion analytics to tie TV ads to digital actions

The solution shows how TV ad views drive digital outcomes in granular detail. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips