Zuckerberg tells Harvard we need a new social contract of equal opportunity

 Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech centered around how we can improve life through big projects, equal opportunity and building both local and global community. He outlined a plan “to create a world where every single person has a sense of purpose.” Read More Social – TechCrunch

11 Changes & New Features Coming to AdWords: What You Need to Know

Every spring, Google unleashes a slew of big announcements. One year, the big announcement was Enhanced Campaigns. Last year, they dropped the spectre of Expanded Text Ads on us. Today, our own Mark Irvine was live in person at Google’s Marketing Next event in Mountain View to get the scoop on what big changes and […]

104 Reasons Why You Need to Advertise on Mobile [Infographic]

This new infographic from Website Builder provides an overview of the vast potential of mobile marketing and advertising. Social Media Today RSS

3 Awesome Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media

Still on the fence about social media marketing? Here are three ways social can help boost your marketing efforts. Social Media Today RSS

The Landing Page Optimization Secrets You Need to Amplify Subscriber Growth

This is a contributor post written by Brandon Weaver, Director of Content at Instapage, the world’s most customizable and designer-friendly landing page platform. He writes about landing pages and marketing, and has a healthy obsession with the Golden State Warriors. Say “hey” on twitter: @bkweav. In 2015, MarketingSherpa published a survey revealing that 72 percent […]

Tech companies, if you create addicts, you need to help them

GUEST: Two years ago, I published a book on how to make products more habit-forming. The book became a bestseller and I’m frequently asked to consult with companies—particularly tech companies—looking to make their goods and services stickier and harder to stop using. Unfortunately, making things more engaging also makes them more potentially addictive. The techniques […]

3 Reasons You Need to Try Pinterest Ads

With over 150 million monthly active users and 9,700 pins every minute, Pinterest is the eighth largest social network in the Western Hemisphere. Many companies still believe Pinterest is a fun social network that people only use on the weekends when they have nothing else to do. There’s plenty of data that disagrees with this […]

The Last Guide to AdWords Account Structure You'll Ever Need

One of the most common questions we see here at WordStream is, “How do I structure my account?” so today, we’re going to lay it out for you. This is the last guide to structuring a Google AdWords account you’ll ever need! Building a successful AdWords account is a lot like building a house – […]

Squashing the Influencer Marketing Buzz(words): What You Really Need to Know

On Google, there are more than 14 million results for the phrase “influencer marketing”. And within those result, most of what you’ll find are “What is Influencer Marketing?” posts (P.S. you can find one from us here). But the problem is that most of these posts have a different variation of what influencer marketing is, […]

Surviving the Social Web: 7 Things You Need to Know

Oh, those idealistic good old days. Back when we truly believed that the global digital community would fact-check lies, make us smarter, and force our institutions to serve the greater good. As the man said, “How’s that working out for us?” It turns out that the social media utopia, like other utopias, didn’t end up […]