Whizzinator Belt is intended to replicate the procedure of urination in drug testing to test for drug use. It has fake penis and the waist belt and organic heating pads to maintain an accurate body temperature for as long as eight hours. The package also comes with one vial of premium synthetic urine, a syringe, and exact instructions.

It is comfortable to wear

The Whizzinator is designed to be discreet fluid transfer that is comfortable and easy to use. Both men and women can utilize it. The device comes with more than 4 ounces of synthetic urine, which is toxin and disease free premixed, two heating pads that are organic, an easily-read temperature strip detachable 100% cotton elastic belts, with elastic loops that can be detached and 60ml of syringes and detailed instructions.

A pressure belt helps increase bladder bag pressure for better urine flow. The process of adjusting its level is straightforward also – just turn the dial. In addition, its gentle design assures that it’s secure against your skin. Perfect to use in any circumstance and practicing is recommended beforehand with A mirror to become familiar with how to use the device properly as well as to be careful not to use fake pee to empty the pouch!

It’s a breeze to wash

The Whizzinator can be described as a accessory that can be worn around your waist. It is filled with fake urine to use in drug tests. Easy to use and maintain The Whizzinator is commonly used by probationers, as well as NFL players for passing supervised urine tests. However the act of cheating the test may cause criminal charges if the evidence is found.

This kit for fetish urinary tract has been carefully vetted and approved as completely safe by a certified industry expert for usage. Kit includes refillable belt, one peril of Gold’n Shower synthetic urine made from lab quality that shares all the same characteristics of human urine, including pH, color, scent and specific gravity. It also comes with foam thickness and more, as well as two eight-hour heating pads which have been attached to the pouch that provide warmth. It also comes with detailed directions and specific procedures to ensure secure use.

The Whizzinator has a simple refund policy. In the event that you are not satisfied with the results claimed, you’ll be able to claim your cash back. After returning the item, the company is going to review the product and then offer a credit for any items that are not in use.

It is safe to utilize

It is the Whizzinator is a product that mimics male urination to aid in the purpose of medical research or sexual game. Kit includes a urinary bag and heating pad to ensure body temperature is maintained when heating up synthetic urine and the fake penis. Users can fill this bag with either their own urine or synthetic depending on the need; additionally, it comes with a pressure belt that increases the amount of urine produced.

This fake urine was created to resemble real urine in both appearance and smell, using ingredients such as creatinine and uric acids. Additionally, its manufacturer took measures to make sure that the product matches biological pH levels as well as the gravity of natural urine samples.

If you do not use it properly, the Whizzinator may land your in legal hot water in the event that you’re caught in the hands of law enforcement officers or probation office. A Tennessee man named Jonathan Jackson, went to prison in 2014 for using the Whizzinator to get around drug tests administered lawfully. Alternative Lifestyle Systems’ general manager says that the company’s products are sold as toys or gag gifts and should not be used against lawful testing for drugs.

It’s subtle

The Whizzinator belt was designed to be discreet and easy to conceal. The waistband and strap are that is specifically designed to fit your skin color, five skin tones are available so that they blend seamlessly. It is important to note that direct observation drug tests should not use it.

This kit contains a medical-grade vinyl bag attached to an elastic belt for secure carrying, as well as realistic prosthetic features and a urine refill that resembles human-like colour, pH and the specific gravity of urine. There is also an organic heat pad which helps help maintain the body’s temperature during use in this product made of synthetic urine.

The pressure belt can increase bladder pressure to boost urine output and quickly stop its flow. It is important to pay attention when they use this device because the failure to follow this procedure could lead to legal action and/or arrest. It’d be better not to utilize this device in public places due to the possibility that any error could get caught and be faced with criminal charges. For everything you must learn about SYNTHETIC PEE visit this link or browse this site.