Digital content is king. No matter where you look online, the power of engaging and immersive media content offers plenty of benefits to a company, worldwide organization, or individual consumer. The only problem is when the fresh content you develop is not as compatible with partners using different design or implementation tools.


QXPMarkz addresses compatibility issues head-on. Instead of sticking to hard-to-export complex file formats, you get a streamlined solution for converting to more commonly accepted use cases like Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, and other DTP applications. Even those outdated QuarkXPress versions sitting on recovered stations are usable once again.


There is a wealth of functions and features to QXPMarkz that set it far above the competition for any user to notice. For example, you can convert .QXP documents into easier-to-send formats like IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. That flexibility helps creatives working on social media or an extensive marketing campaign get crucial files over to the implementation experts in the company.


Everything with QXPMarkz is developed with Adobe InDesign in mind. You can leverage the Markzware InDesign plug-in, Q2ID, for seamless integration with one of the most well-known suites in the world. Add on top of the automated workflow integration with preferences and AppleScript support, and you cut way down on manual interventions that can slow production – all so you can focus on those creative aspects of your marketing, design, or content-generating roles.


Everything inside QXPMarkz can be previewed. Those out-of-date QuarkXPress files look a lot different when viewed through premium-quality, zoomable previews. This tool moves through the internal document data so you can determine what you are looking at and how to store such information in your library of creative files. Even if you want to remove the visual factor from your files, you can use the export QuarkXPress function. Documents are then saved in formats that are easy to transfer, like RTF, HTML, or the ever-popular plain text.


All information is displayed through the document inspector view, making it much easier for a social media manager or publisher to scan through the file type, version, size, and more at a glance. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Markzware brings a powerful new design tool that is a must-have for creatives from all sectors.


Learn more about how QXPMarkz can transform your workflows by visiting With so many demands on content, marketing, and digital output, it only makes sense to have a usable tool for quick conversions of new and refreshed project files. Download a copy of this streamlined utility and breathe new life into your QuarkXPress and other files.