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SEO Article Content Writing Benefits

SEO article content writing has many benefits for businesses online!

Crafting clever articles that people interested in will generally get picked up by Google and get ranked as authority content. Writing article with your target audience in mind for a specific niche is most beneficial and will often get rewarded with a higher page rank by major search engines like Google.

Article directories are a great place to host an article as there may be many more articles on the same subject here written by other authors. So a win / win for the searcher looking for a certain piece of content, and more website traffic for the article author as people tend to click on links within the article itself.

Articles submitted to top article directories should be well written as well as having the main keywords strewn within the article no more than 3% LSI or it will be viewed most likely as spam. This is called keyword stuffing. Links can also be added which point to the article authors website or blog.

The length of the content is important and should be between 400 words and 2000words in length, although more than 2000 is alright if it needs to be that long to fully explain the authors message.

Ranking Higher on Google

Ranking higher on Google will most certainly boost a company’s credibility not to mention website traffic.

Google will rank a website based on many signals including on-page SEO, off-page SEO (backlinks), content creation, website speed (how fast a page loads), social signals, testimonials, citations, and mobile usability (although mobile first is now the norm).

Anyone searching the web looking for a particular piece of content will expect Google to deliver the best results quickly.

So the trick is to feed Google the best possible articles you can write and you will get rewarded with higher page rank results. It’s pretty simple when you think of it. Create is and they will find it is another way of putting it.

A user who searches on Google usually expects to have their query answered quickly. So when the searcher looks at the first few SERPs (search engine results pages), he needs to see the best results that have an overall great UX (user experience).

Any visitors who have a poor user experience with terrible writing, popups, and poor mobile viewing will leave within seconds. This is called the bounce rate. There are so many more factors that come into play when talking about UX being a factor in ranking a page

such as mobile incompatibility or a barrage of popups – will likely leave within seconds. High bounce rates tell Google that the web page is not valuable for the user, often resulting in lower rankings

Search engine optimization is equally effective for companies targeting a particular audience. Don’t skimp when thinking about hiring and SEO agency. Higher priced SEO companies will give you higher page ranks results, it’s that simple.