Mead, an alcoholic drink crafted by fermenting a mixture of honey and water using yeast, boasts a long and storied history that stretches back to ancient civilizations. It is often regarded as the precursor to all other alcoholic beverages and held a special place in the hearts of various cultures. In ancient times, it was believed that partaking in mead would bestow upon individuals qualities such as health, virility, wisdom, immortality, and wit. Additionally, the tradition of giving a newlywed couple a supply of mead equivalent to one full moon’s duration, known as the “Honeymoon,” aimed to bless their marriage with good fortune.

In contemporary times, there exists a widespread interest in sourcing beverages from small, local brewers who utilize fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Our approach to crafting mead aligns with this ethos. As dedicated beekeepers, Honeybound Meadery have the privilege of accessing exceptionally unique and captivating honey varieties, which imbue our meads with distinctive flavors and characteristics. Honeybound Meadery’s meticulous process involves the thoughtful selection of the most captivating honey, skillfully paired with complementary yeast strains. They then create an optimal fermentation environment, utilizing precise temperature control and modern techniques, resulting in a mead that promises enjoyment for all.

Starting in the year 2020, HoneyBound Meadery has taken great pride in the creation of ten unique mead varieties, amassing an impressive total of twenty medals from a diverse range of Local, National, and International competitions. One particularly notable achievement is our Red Bamboo mead, which has secured an impressive collection of 4 Gold Medals and a Silver Medal at the prestigious Mazer Cup International. Adding to the excitement, Red Bamboo was recently bestowed with the coveted title of “Best Mead in Massachusetts” at the 2023 edition of The Big E Fair in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Among the standout selections in Honeybound Meadery’s lineup, Knot your Average Plum has also garnered both Gold and Silver accolades at Mazer Cup International. Their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence extends to our other award-winning meads, which include Cyser, Honey and Spice, Blueberry X2, and Rip Currant.

Meads can be fermented with fruits, cider, and spices to name just a few options. The combinations are endless. Satisfying your palate is Honeybound Meadery’s goal. Honeybound Meadery invites you to come try their award winning Meads. Try their mead chilled, warmed or room temperature. Enjoy Honeybound Meadery’s mead as a standalone or create your favorite drink recipe (which will be required to be shared with us). Take the Honeybound adventure to make our own history!