Cape Breton Mould Removal Services is a Locally Owned and Operated Environmental Remediation Company Keeping Cape Breton home owners safe from potentially hazardous materials.

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Cape Breton Environmental Mould Remediation in Sydney NS offers remediation services for both residential and commercial needs that are aimed at the abatement of multiple types of Mold and Asbestos remediation.

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Mould Removal (Mold Removal)

Mould can invade homes and businesses throughout Cape Breton as it does in any other province in Canada. Mould usually occurs as a result of flooding, leaks or water damage in any area of the home, quite often the basement or attic.

Sometimes this harmful fungus can also be found in areas that have never seen standing water like behind walls, inside floor coverings, or even behind some appliances. Mould spores can spread if left unchecked, often damaging the walls, floors, or roof of a home.

We don’t have to tell you how expensive this may get for your and your family. With the cots of building materials and labour in Cape Breton nowadays this can certainly add up to unwanted expenses.

Health Hazards of Mould in the Home

Mould is not only unsightly in the home, in can be harmful to health of your family or employees.

Mould for most people can cause issues such as nasal congestion, coughing, throat irritation, wheezing as well as irritation to the nose and eyes.

Mould should be taken serious and considered a serious health concern especially those suffering with bronchitis, breathing issue,s or anyone suffering from immune compromised respiratory problems.

If you find mold in any area of your home do not hesitate to call the mould removal services in Sydney NS

(Cape Breton Environmental Services) to discuss mould remediation immediately.

The Most Common Areas of a Home or Business to Find Mold are:

The most common places that Cape Breton Environmental Remediation Services to find mold are as follows:

  •     Attics
  •     Bathrooms
  •     Basements
  •     Window frames
  •     Caulking
  •     Ventilation Systems
  •     Plumbing
  •     Cabinets
  •     Furniture
  •     Drywall
  •     Sub flooring
  •     Wallpaper
  •     Painted Walls
  •     Carpets
  •     Mattresses

The Mould Removal Process

Cape Breton Mould Removal Services in Sydney NS follow a very strict mould removal process that is geared towards the exact type of mould found in the home or business.

We have a well trained mould remediation team in Sydney NS at Cape Environmental Remediation Services that can remove dangerous types of mould such as pink mould, black mould, yellow mould and white mould from your business or residence.

All mould types should be removed but some are more harmful and should be removed right as away as they tend to spread quickly.

Cape Breton Mould Remediation Services

will come on site and conduct a full environmental assessment to figure out the full extent of the mould problem. Their mould remediation technicians location, remote and then test to confirm that all the mould has been removed.

Areas We Serve

Cape Environmental Serve the following areas for mould remediation and asbestos remediation work:

  •     Mould Remediation Sydney NS
  •     Mould Remediation Glace Bay NS
  •     Mould Remediation New Waterford
  •     Mould Remediation Sydney Mines
  •     Mould Remediation North Sydney
  •     Mould Remediation CBRM

Once we’ve found the mould on your property, we’ll use a disinfectant application to prevent future mould growth.

Our sanitation process uses top-of-the-line HEPA filtration to remove and kill any mould growths that could revive after treatment. After the work is done, we conduct clearance tests to ensure that the work was done correctly.

No Remediation Job is Too Big or Too Small

Cape Breton Environmental Remediation offers services for both residential and commercial needs that are aimed at the abatement of multiple types of Asbestos, Mould remediation, and HEPA vacuuming of structural components.

The friendly staff at Cape Environmental Ltd. has the environmental industry experience necessary to perform large and small jobs in a timely and safe fashion while adhering to the client’s schedule.