Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts write articles that are unique with quality in mind because they know the vast potential of their articles getting read by possibly thousands of readers, not to mention getting picked up by major search engines like Google.

One of the immediate benefits of submitting article to article directories is free advertising!

Another benefit of an article directory is that it will give you great exposure for your website, your article, as well as products or services that you may want to promote online.

article submission for off page SEO on Article Directories

Writing Quality Articles for Article Directories

Another plus of submitting an article to an article directory for Article Directories and SEO purposes in general is that the article directory will be in effect promoting your website, brand, experience and acquired knowledge on any particular subject or niche.

Writing quality articles and submitting to an article submission directory is the most important component to getting found online.

Anyone searching on a particular set of keywords or keyword phrases wants to best results for their search. This is Google’s job! To show searches to best quality website content that matches what they were searching for.

This is a great way to generate leads for your products or services. Article submission is a great off-page SEO strategy. Write articles for a targeted audience and in no time you will get the results you are looking for.

Both free article submission and paid article submission are both accepted methods of off-page SEO link building.

Link Inclusion

Most article directories allow you to include a few links within each article that you plan to submit to any article submission directory. Most of these backlinks usually point back to your website, landing page, or blog.

Articles that are written about your products or services seem to be the most popular articles that are submitted. So it is beneficial to include a backlink back to your product or service website that will eventually increase your page rank and website traffic on Google.

The more quality articles that you submit to an article directory, the more Google sees your website as an authority in your market / niche. The results of submitting your SEO article to an article submission directory in Canada or anywhere else globally are most often permanent.

Get traffic to Your Website

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is by submitting articles to a free article submission directory. So with the backlinks that you include in your article, visitors will click on these links which take them right back to your website.

Visitors will repost or share these article links to their own social channels for even more website traffic. This type of re-posting and sharing may lead to a post going viral, and at the very least will increase your Google footprint.

Your articles that you post on your own website and also post on any article directory may lead to it being viewed by possibly millions of readers online who search for keywords that lead to your article.

Articles that are submitted to article directories usually stay in the directories permanently which means that they will continue to generate website traffic for years and years.

Building Trust

Writing quality articles and sharing them on blogs, social channels and article directories is a great way to build trust.

When someone reads one your articles, they will most likely trust your future articles and will want to subscribe to your website and follow your social channels.


This practice of producing great content for your targeted audience will lead to increased exposure, brand recognition, and a boost in your website’s page rank.

Contact a local SEO Services or a digital marketing expert in Canada if you are looking for produce quality content for a business or tourism website.