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The Long and Winding Road To Today’s Delphi – Happy 29th Birthday!

It Started with Pascal In order to get to today’s 29th year of Delphi, we have to start back in 1970 with the creation of the Pascal programming language by Niklaus Wirth and his team at EidgenГ¶ssische Technische Hochschule ZГјrich  →
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Expand Database Management and Versatility with Database Workbench Pro

The world is relying increasingly on data for everything from personalizing an e-commerce website to digging through years of previous articles published about a local town statue. This can create significant challenges for everyone, from DBAs to software developers to  →
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Make Use of Untapped Content and Media Trapped in PDF Formats with PDFMarkz

The creative world is highly dynamic. What works one day could quickly turn into a viral post the next and spread all over the world. Keeping up with this ever-changing environment requires the latest tools, bringing flexibility and adaptation to  →
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Streamlining Modern Workflows using Design Innovations through QXPMarkz.

Digital content is king. No matter where you look online, the power of engaging and immersive media content offers plenty of benefits to a company, worldwide organization, or individual consumer. The only problem is when the fresh content you develop  →
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A More Efficient Computer Backup System for Your Team

Anyone working in IT as a consultant, professional, or system administrator faces the unending challenge of maintaining and protecting data throughout the organization’s systems. That role compounds every time new employees, bad weather, poor infrastructure, or unknown variables come into  →
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YetiShare File Hosting Script Offers a Platform for Digital Entrepreneurs

Flexibility and versatility are crucial in today’s online environment. For many digital creatives and entrepreneurs, that means having a reliable and simplified file hosting centralized location. Everyone from a wedding photographer previewing client files to a real estate agent working  →
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Vivaldi Day: it’s all about you

The 27th day of January holds a special place in our hearts as it marks Vivaldi Day, the day we unveiled the first technical preview of your favorite browser. Reaching any milestone is a big deal worthy of confetti, streamers,  →
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Active@ Data Studio 23.0.5 is a Comprehensive IT Solution for Data Recovery

The work environment has drastically shifted over the past few years. Companies must be more aware of hybrid, in-person, and remote team members using technology and equipment issued by the organization. That can lead to challenging data backups, porting, and  →
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