So you have chosen the right employee monitoring software for your organization. Now, the next step is to implement and start using it. However, not right away. There are some training prerequisites, which your employees need to go through. This ensures that they can properly use the software and get the most benefits from it.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Before we get familiar with the training process, knowing what you are training for is also essential. So, employee monitoring and scheduling software is a solution package, which helps organizations simplify, redefine, and automate employee performance monitoring and enhancement. The tool offers you many features, which aid your managers in viewing:

  • Essential employee performance reports and make the best data-driven solutions for growth and success.
  • Evaluate employees in real-time.
  • Enhance your employees’ focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance.
  • Improve task management.

This was just an overview. Using software for monitoring employees to the maximum potential will give you competitive advantages. However, what are the features we mentioned earlier?

The Features of Employee Monitoring Software

The software for monitoring employees offers various features, which enhance employee focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance. This adds to the overall growth and revenue of your organization. So, let’s take an overview of these features before moving on to training your employees on using staff monitoring tools.

Real-time Monitoring

Organizations use employee tracking software for real-time monitoring of the activities of their employees. This lets managers and administrators make solutions, whenever needed. Furthermore, it also simplifies reassigning resources and viewing insightful performance reports on the go.

URL Tracking

Do you know whether the websites your employees use are productive or not? How much time are your employees spending on each URL? The good part is that your software for employee monitoring knows. Due to automated URL tracking, monitoring website usage for efficiency is simplified.

Application Usage Tracking

Similarly, you also get the feature that accurately tracks application usage and gives you accurate insightful details. Managers get the ease-of-access to view details including time spent, productivity, tabs opened, and a lot more. This lets managers boost productivity with proper resource assignment in real-time.

Timesheets and Task Timers

Another feature we find very useful in employee project time tracking software is automated timesheets and task timers, which automate task management enhancing employee focus and work efficiency. This ensures better performance, timely project completion, more clients, growth, and revenue for your business.

How to Train Your Employees To Use Employee Monitoring Software?

Now that we are familiar with what it is and the features of employee tracking software, let’s get straight on training your employees to get the most benefits for your organization using the tool.

Make a Training Plan

The first step is to identify how you will train your employees. Your training plan must ensure that you cover all the features and usage techniques for your employees while not disturbing their normal workflow.

Establish 100% Clarity

This step involves letting your employees know the activities you will monitor. There should be transparency between you and your employees. You need to ensure that their privacy is safe and the software will only monitor what’s essential.

Prepare Your Employees 

Change management is an essential step in training your employees to use software for staff monitoring. Now that you have taken the step to implement the software, your employees must also be prepared to adapt to the changes.

Start The Training

Now that the preparation is done, you can begin training your employees on using the tool to get the maximum advantages. During this phase, your employees’ normal workflow should not be disturbed and as they begin using the software, their efficiency will only increase.


Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software is the best solution for employees to track and enhance their employees’ performance. The software applications offer many features including URL and application usage tracking, real-time monitoring, timesheets, and task timers to give your organization various advantages. However, you must also establish clarity, prepare a training plan to prepare your employees, and train them to use the software for maximum implementation success. Looking for employee tracking software that is the most easily implementable, customizable, and adaptable? We recommend DeskTrack.